6 ways to translate any web page you visit

If you are browsing online, you may come across some websites that you need to translate. Here are six ways to translate the web pages you visit.


When browsing the Internet, there is a good chance that you will come across web pages in languages ​​other than English. To read the content of these websites, you will need to translate it into a language you understand.

Here are six methods to translate the language on any web page you visit, so that you can access the web without being held back by a language barrier.

1. Translate any web page with Google Translate

You’ve probably used Google Translate to interpret sentences in multiple languages. Google also allows you to translate entire web pages into any languages ​​you prefer.

Here’s how to translate web pages using Google Translate:

  1. Open Google Translate in your favorite web browser.

  2. In the Google Translate box, paste the URL of the website you want to translate.

    Google Translate

  3. Select the language in which you want to translate your web page by clicking on the button Down arrow in the center right of your screen.

  4. To view the site, go to the Translation section of Google Translate and click on the link.

You can also use Google Translate in any app on Android devices and iOS devices.

2. Translate easily with Microsoft Bing translator

The Bing translator works the same as Google Translate. If you prefer the Microsoft Bing search engine, you can use Bing’s Translator to translate any page online.

The steps to follow are:

  1. Open Bing Microsoft Translator in your web browser.

  2. To translate, copy the link and paste it into the text box.

  3. Then select your preferred language.

  4. To read online content in your preferred language, click the link.

Bing translator

3. Translate web pages in Google Chrome

If Google Chrome is your favorite, you don’t need to search for translation tools online because your web browser will handle it for you.

Here’s how to translate web pages using Google Chrome browser:

  1. Open any website in a regional language on your Chrome browser. A pop-up window with the Google Translate logo will appear on the far right of your address bar.

  2. To select Your language. Your default language will be preselected, but you can by clicking on Following to translate the web page to another language.

Google Chrome Translator

4. Install add-ons on Mozilla Firefox to translate

On your Mozilla Firefox browser, you will need to download add-ons to change the language of the web page.

Here’s how to find and use a translation add-on in Firefox:

  1. To research Translation add-ons on Firefox.

  2. Add any translation add-on to Firefox. With most add-ons, you can choose Translate web pages, that appears at the top of your window.

  3. Configure the add-on settings by adding your preferred languages.

  4. Now when you open a website in another language, you’ll see a translation icon at the right end of your address bar.

  5. Click the translate icon to read the website content in your own language.

Microsoft translation add-ons

5. Language translation on Microsoft Edge

If you are surfing the Internet with the default Windows web browser, Microsoft Edge, you can also automatically translate web pages to your preferred language on this browser.

Here’s how to translate on Edge browser:

  1. Open any website in a foreign language on your browser.

  2. A Bing translation logo will appear in your address bar.

    on-board translator

  3. Click on the Translate to interpret the web page in your language.

6. Translate web pages on Safari

Apple device owners can translate web pages with a built-in translation feature. Any Mac or iOS device running a version of Safari after version 2020 can take advantage of this feature.

To translate any web page on Safari:

  1. Click on the Translation in the upper left corner of the address bar on Safari.

  2. Of scrolling menu, you can choose to translate in English or in the language of your choice.

safari translator

Web translation is a great online help

Language translation tools are very useful when browsing the Internet, making websites accessible to everyone and browsing the Internet more convenient.

It should be noted that the translations performed by these tools are not always exact and may not always translate the text in its exact meaning. For the most part, you should be able to correct errors, but don’t just rely on translation tools.


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