Albemarle Launches New Broadband Webpage and Hosts Project Meetings | Local government

Last year, CenturyLink announced that it was changing its name to Lumen Technologies. The CenturyLink name continues to be used for high-speed telephone and Internet services primarily served by copper cables. The company has developed a new product called Quantum Fiber, Stipanovich said, which is what clients of the VATI 2021 project will receive.

For the project, she said, the company will dig under the walkways to bury the fiber if necessary, and the company will bury all the fiber – it will not climb over the power lines.

Quantum Fiber currently offers two offerings of speeds of up to 200 megabits per second and 940 megabits per second, currently costing $ 49 per month and $ 65 per month, respectively. Stipanovich said the speeds are symmetrical, which means each plan has the same upload and download speeds.

“I’m not sure we’re releasing what we think is the minimum speed when we say we have symmetrical service at 940 megabits per second,” she said when asked about minimum speeds. “We expect this to be full symmetrical service, so let me take this as a follow-up and make sure we get a response.”

CenturyLink’s existing broadband fiber optic customers will also eventually move to Quantum, she said.

Earlier this year, Lumen announced that it was selling much of its assets in Virginia and 19 other states to subsidiaries of Apollo Global Management, a private equity firm. In November, it was announced that a new company called Brightspeed would house Lumen’s old assets, pending the sale.

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