Apparently you can just download the Wordle webpage

Are you worried about the NYT acquisition? Right click on Wordle to read it offline.


Yesterday was a big day for game acquisitions. Bungie was bought by Sony, which is great, but the New York Times acquisition of Wordle is even bigger. Yes, The New York Times is nominally a newspaper, but it also owns several occasional puns/numbers games, so buying Wordle made sense.

However, due to the language used to describe the acquisition, there is concern that Wordle may no longer be free in the future. These concerns are probably unfounded because it makes more sense for the NYT to cover Wordle in ads rather than put it behind a paywall, but if you’re worried that Wordle isn’t free anymore, there’s a simple solution. Just right-click and save the webpage.


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The idea comes from IT specialist Matt Dovey, who reminded us on Twitter that Wordle is backed up entirely on the client side, so backing up the whole game is a breeze.

“Because Wordle runs entirely in the client, you can just save the page as to keep a local copy if you’re worried about NYT acquisition,” Dovey wrote. “The list of future words is already in the code, it just selects the word based on your computer’s date. That’s all you need.

Wordle’s code has long been dissected by tech folks, and the surprising thing is that everything is saved locally. You can even enter the code yourself to find out what tomorrow’s word will be. An evil genius has gone so far as to use this knowledge to create a Twitter bot that spoils people for tomorrow’s word if they stick their score on social media.

Anyway, if you just want to play Wordle yourself without logging in, save the site to your computer, then click on the html page whenever you want to play. It should also work the same offline. Keep in mind that this does not bypass time locks for each word, and there is a limit to the word list. Once exhausted, you will need to return to the original source.

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