Apple Launches New “Careers at Apple” Web Page with Refreshed Design

Apple has launched a new Careers page that features an updated design, quotes from current staff, several company short films, and more.

Credit: Apple

The new ‘Careers at Apple’ webpage, which launched this week, highlights some of the different employees and teams at the Cupertino tech giant. This includes the engineer, Apple Retail, and software and services.

On the web page, Apple touts its values: accessibility, education, environment, privacy, inclusion and diversity, among others. The company says these values ​​are “part of everything that is integrated, including careers”.

Apple also published “Working at Apple” and “Life at Apple” pages with more information on the company’s teams, organization and emphasis on diversity among employees.

For example, the “Working at Apple” page indicates that Apple is organized by functional specialties instead of business units, which is “rare for a company of our size.” The “Life at Apple” page proclaims that the company “will welcome you for who you are and who you want to be.”

The page also contains links to current job openings at Apple. At the time of writing, the company is hiring for more than 600 positions across the world.

The new “Careers at Apple” page replaces the old “Jobs at Apple” website, which was updated in January.

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