Apple launches webpage detailing settlement of $30 million purse and tech lawsuit

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A new webpage provided by Apple offers details of the $30 million that will be paid to employees subject to routine, 24-hour searches before leaving work.

In November, Apple agreed to pay $29.9 million in a settlement to Apple employees who routinely had their bags and devices searched around the clock before returning home.

Now, Apple has provided a webpage that details the class action settlement, titled “Apple Bag Check Class Action SettlementThe site includes documentation available for California employees subject to bag checks from July 25, 2009 through August 10, 2015.

The lawsuit began in 2013, when a class of employees sued Apple, arguing they should be paid for time spent undergoing security checks of their bags and devices.

The case went through the Ninth Circuit, as well as the California Supreme Court. Both ruled that Apple should be financially responsible for time spent on mandatory searches.

In California, employees in the class of nearly 12,000 current and former Apple Store employees are expected to receive a maximum payout of around $1,200.

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