Canyon ISD Creates New Web Page, Focused on Parent and Community Issues | KAMR

CANYON, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Officials from the Canyon Independent School District spoke on its new webpage, answering questions that have frequently come up in conversations with community members.

According to its website, Canyon ISD has created a “Just The Facts” page, giving the district the opportunity to share facts about “emerging issues and topics” related to the district. Through this page, the district aims to provide “accurate and timely information” on a number of topics, including the status of library books, transfers, attendance limits and the health program.

The website also includes the district answering questions regarding Critical Race Theory, which officials say “is not authorized to be taught in Texas schools by (the Texas Education Agency). Canyon ISD does not teach CRT. With respect to suicide prevention, the website provides the following statement:

“Canyon ISD takes the safety of all students seriously. We want to equip students with skills and tools that can help prevent students from committing suicide. The School Health Advisory Council is currently reviewing suicide prevention programs to make a recommendation to the board of trustees by January 2023.”

John Forbis, the district communications coordinator for Canyon ISD, told it started as the district was beginning to grow.

“As Canyon ISD continues to grow, we wanted our community to have a resource that they could access anytime, that if they had questions they could seek information from us on certain topics,” did he declare. “So we developed the ‘Just the Facts’ web page where the community can access and get timely and accurate information from us, as well as information on how they can contact us if they have any questions. We always welcome questions, comments and contributions from our community. »

Forbis said the website went live earlier this month. The district has the opportunity to update the page as new information becomes available and as more questions are asked by community members. Since the page went live, Forbis said the reaction has been positive.

“The community that reached out was so grateful to have something in one place, information from us,” Forbis said. “(It’s) so they know where we are on certain things, where we are in the process of certain things and again, who they can call if they have a question.”

For more information, visit the Canyon ISD webpage.

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