City of Cheyenne’s Sixth Penny webpage shows residents what to expect from the 2021 poll

CHEYENNE, Wyoming (Wyoming News Now) – Advance voting for the Sixth Penny Tax Proposals opens September 17. Residents now have access to resources on the Town of Cheyenne’s Sixth Penny webpage to stay informed about this year’s election.

“It’s very explanatory about each ballot, where the money goes, and I think it’s very important. We really wanted to be as transparent as possible, because we want voters to know what they are doing. vote, ”said Jeff White, city councilor.

Visitors to the site can view past projects made from the tax. The web page details the different proposals for each municipality, so voters can see available projects, costs and descriptions.

In addition to various proposals, the site has a frequently asked questions page and an information guide on what to expect from the 2021 poll.

White explained the value of keeping voters informed during the election period, given that the Sixth Penny projects have created monumental impacts on the community in recent years.

“The legislature gives municipalities very little flexibility when it comes to generating revenue for projects. The Sixth Penny is very important in building the community and helping us move forward. “

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