City of Loveland publishes new webpage with contact numbers for citizen comments, questions about Karen Garner case – Loveland Reporter-Herald

The City of Loveland has posted a web page with contact information for members of the public interested in commenting or asking questions about Karen Garner’s arrest and the federal trial.

In addition to phone numbers and email addresses where messages can be left for representatives of the Loveland Police Department, City Council, and the city’s Communications and Engagement office, the page features an overview of the city’s response to the trial, press releases and a recording of Police Chief Bob Ticer’s press conference on April 30.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Schielke and the Life and Liberty Law Office

A photo of Karen Garner from an undetermined year. Garner is said to have dementia and sensory aphasia, which impairs his ability to communicate and understand, according to the law firm that filed a federal civil rights complaint against the Loveland Police Department because of his arrest in 2020.

City spokeswoman Nicole Yost said City Manager Steve Adams has requested that communications staff respond to all messages received on the matter. She speculated that the communications office had been contacted between 400 and 500 times regarding the allegations.

“We try to invest as much as possible on the staff side,” she said, but added that staff members are still working with a backlog of phone calls and emails that are several days old. “We’re working as fast as possible to reach people, and we know the public is very interested in sharing their thoughts on this.”

Police spokesman Tom Hacker said he personally returned around 350 phone calls, with priority usually given to Loveland residents and members of the media. He said he and Sgt. Bryan Bartness is also struggling with a backlog of calls but was generally able to respond within the day.

Council members had received more than 140 emails regarding the case when they were listed by the Reporter-Herald on April 27, and more were visible on Monday via the public email archiving system Global. Relay of the city.

Contact information on the web page includes:

  • Loveland Police Department Dedicated Phone Line – dial 970-667-2151 and press 1.
  • Loveland City Council – email [email protected] or leave a voicemail by calling 970-962-2199 and pressing 1.
  • Office of Communications and Engagement – email [email protected]

More information is available at

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