Confused Governor Says Looking At HTML Of Webpage Is Criminal Hacking

Governor Mike Parson is fed up with all these sophisticated and useless hackers and he won’t put up with it anymore. It’s too bad the Missouri Republican has no idea what he’s talking about.

During a press conference on Thursday, the confused elected official attacked a journalist who reported a vulnerability on an official website of the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education. The reporter, in particular, waited for officials to correct the error before publishing the story. The failure ? The website apparently included teachers’ social security numbers in the HTML code.

“Although no private information was clearly visible or searchable on any of the web pages, the newspaper found that the social security numbers of the teachers were contained in the HTML source code of the affected pages,” reported the Expedition of the post of Saint-Louis.

Parson, who apparently has never heard of “seeing the source”, obliquely threatened the To post journalist with prosecution.

“The state is committed to bringing to justice anyone who has hacked into our system and anyone who has aided or abetted them in doing so – as Missouri law allows AND requires,” Parson wrote.

Again, to be clear, there was no hacking involved here – a fact seemingly lost on Parson, but not on the scores of cybersecurity experts, journalists and privacy advocates who actually understand the problem. in question.

“We stand by our reporting and our reporter who did everything right,” said Ian Caso, the Expedition of the post of Saint-LouisMashable said in a statement. “It is unfortunate that the governor has chosen to shift the blame to the reporters who discovered the website problem and brought it to the attention of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.”

We reached out to the governor’s office to try to figure out how it could have messed this up so badly. We received no immediate response.

However, his ramblings at Thursday’s press conference, as reported by NBC Newsspeaks for itself.

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“This individual is not a victim,” Parson reportedly said. “They were acting against a state agency to compromise teachers’ personal information in an effort to embarrass the state and sell headlines for their media outlet. We will not let this crime against Missouri teachers go unpunished, and we refuse to let them be a pawn in the media’s political vendetta.”

Parson, in other words, has no idea what he’s talking about.

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