DHS Updates COVID-19 Hospital Data Webpage, Now Includes Informative Dashboards

MADISON, Wisconsin (CBS 58) – The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) released improvements to the COVID-19 hospital data webpage on Thursday, April 15. The update puts all COVID-19 hospital data on one page, so Wisconsin residents can more easily find the information they need.

DHS reports that the new web page includes two data dashboards. The COVID-19 Hospital Capacity Dashboard has been expanded to include more information on the state of hospitals across Wisconsin. Additionally, data on the percentage of COVID-19 cases that are healthcare workers has been consolidated into a single dashboard.

“We are always looking for opportunities to improve the way we display data to help us better understand the COVID-19 pandemic,” said DHS secretary-designate Karen Timberlake. “These improvements to the COVID-19 hospital data page highlight important metrics and add context to how trends in hospital capacity have changed during the pandemic. We greatly appreciate the involvement of hospitals across the state in providing this data on a regular basis, so we have an up-to-date picture of hospital capacity as the pandemic continues. “

According to DHS, the COVID-19 Hospital Capacity Dashboard now shows COVID-19 patients who are hospitalized or in intensive care unit (ICU) in a longer trendline to show how the numbers have changed. The dashboard also displays bed usage in the same way and includes a current trajectory of bed usage in hospitals and intensive care. The new measures include the percentage of immediately available hospital beds in the state and those reporting peak capacity. A second dashboard has been added to the hospital’s data page that includes metrics on COVID-19 cases among healthcare workers by region of the Healthcare Emergency Preparedness Coalition (HERC).

For up-to-date information on Wisconsin’s COVID-19 response, visit the DHS COVID-19 webpage.

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