Disney World webpage features the LGBTQ + family

Disney’s thriving diversity campaign continues to grow and reflect its fan base. Showcasing an LGBTQ + family on its main webpage, Walt Disney World Resort continues to make its theme parks a truly family-friendly destination for families of all types.

Credit: Disney

Disney World webpage features the LGBTQ + family

We have seen that representation matters. Some of that portrayal is a reflection of your fan base, including all types of people, families and groups who visit Walt Disney World Resort. Not too long ago, Disney redesigned its brochure and Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park map to feature a same-sex couple wearing Mickey Mouse ear hats, happily jumping towards the TCL Chinese Theater.

Shortly after, another map was released featuring children with prosthetics on the cover wielding Jedi lightsabers in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. The beautiful thing about these cards is that Disney showcases its guest populations.

Scrolling down the main page of Walt Disney World Resort we find the “Magic Awaits” section, enticing visitors to book a Disney vacation package and seeing if any new offers can entice them to do so. Pictured is an LGBTQ family, with their children snacking on classic premium Mickey Mouse ice cream bars. It is a quintessential Disney Park experience to sample one of these frozen delicacies.

LGTBQ + Couple with children
Credit: Walt Disney World Resort

The family laughs, shares desserts, and generally expresses feelings of glee and delight – feelings Disney wants you to carry throughout planning your Disney vacation. And when you arrive at the Disney property, you will inevitably see the authentic Disney me shining through. “The Disney Look” has been updated to allow cast members to be more inclusive of their true selves, as well as to become more gender inclusive.

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