Does Google link to a non-AMP URL from the most popular articles when the AMP URL is available?

Last week, Google started showing non-AMP content in the Top Stories carousel in mobile search. It was as planned with the rollout of the page experience update. But Kyle Sutton posted on Twitter that in some cases Google may even display the non-AMP URL in the Most Popular Posts carousel when an AMP version is available – which it probably shouldn’t be.

Here’s his tweet showing it in action:

Since Kyle sent this to me, I have tried to replicate it on my real physical cell phone, but haven’t seen a case of it. I wonder if Kyle’s simulator was showing anything when detecting Google’s user agent or if Google was confusing. Because Google on computer probably won’t show AMP URLs anyway.

This specific story that Kyle is highlighting is here and yes there is an AMP version here – but maybe there is something in the code telling Google not to use the AMP version. I didn’t dig too deep, but have you seen this on mobile? Google shows the non-AMP version when an AMP version is available?

Discussion forum at Twitter.

Update: Google’s Jeffery said this could be related to the AMP page being invalid:

It makes sense, but it seemed valid when I tested it.

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