Drake releases new trailer for his URL anniversary event

Drake is celebrating his birthday in style with an Ultimate Rap League event set to take place in honor of 6God’s birthday.

Last month, URL announced it would be hosting a Drake Card event in honor of the Canadian star’s birthday. The event, which was titled, Until death do us part is about to see Battles of Loaded Lux ​​and Geechi Gotti, Pat Stay and Real Sikh, Tay Roc and Nu Jerzy Twork, to name a few. Drake took to Instagram to reveal a new trailer for the event, surely causing a sensation to his fans.

In the video, Drake says, “These are battles fueled by rivalry, hate, a real chance to silence all the talk and create moments that will rewrite the legacy and rewrite history for some people.” Music videos of rappers surrounded by cheering crowds after each verse showcase the infectious energy fans can expect from the event. He continues to explain his involvement,

“I really organized this event because there’s so much time we spend debating, in sport, in competition, what if, you know? What if this person had to confront this person? You know, most of the time our debates stem from our dream clashes, and that event, luckily for us in combat rap, is that debate that comes to life.

The eagerly awaited Until death do us part has already been defined as “the greatest event in the history of the rap battle”. Drake’s party of celebration takes place on October 30. Check out the trailer below.

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