Fact Check-Ad article posing as a CNN web page

A website designed to look like a CNN article promoting a CBD product is doing the rounds on Facebook.

“Disturbing allegations are surfacing against Dr. Gupta,” the Facebook post’s caption read ( here ) sharing a link to the alleged article, which includes a photograph of Sanjay Gupta, chief medical correspondent at CNN ( here ).

While some users warn that the content is inauthentic and label it a scam, others seem to believe it is real. Comments include: “A bit sad that a respected medical expert is now selling snake oil” and “All the doctors are under fire!”

Matt Dornic, head of strategic communications at CNN and Neel Khairzada, publicist for Gupta, both told Reuters by email that the content was “absolutely false”.

The landing page does not carry a CNN domain, but directs to an unrelated website visible as an archive ( here ). It’s made to look like an article on CNN’s health section (edition.cnn.com/health) (see header with logo in upper left corner).

Various elements, however, reveal that the site is impostor content.

For example, the typography, use of bold throughout body text, and italics in quotes do not match CNN’s usual style.

The fake article includes a comments section at the bottom of the text with alleged product testimonials. CNN does not include a comment section in its articles.

Any click on the website takes the user to an advertisement for CBD gummies.

PolitiFact previously made a similar message linking to the same fake website ( here ).


False. This link is impostor content designed to look like a CNN website.

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