Fox NFL Sunday Airs URL that leads to Lets Go Brandon

Fox NFL Sunday aired a short segment Sunday morning that warned NFL fans that the Philadelphia Eagles have returned to a viable threat, a return to greater “Fly, Eagles, Fly” glory.

However, the creative minds that produced it satirized the Emergency Alert System (EAS), which may have violated FCC regulations. (ESPN was fined $ 20,000 for a similar violation last August.) They also poked fun at a joke URL, “,” which was graphically featured on the old school promo, with a 4: 3 ratio size. But because we live in a hyper-divided partisan era? Someone did something.

The URL for the “joke” was never recorded and was therefore immediately entered by a viewer, who then redirected all traffic to a pro-Trump website. It features a huge “Let’s Go Brandon!” banner and images of the former president Donald trump with Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) and a photo of the president Joe biden in front of a photoshopped image of George washington overthrow it. Are you with me Strange times we live in, that’s for sure.

This weird, weird story was originally reported by an Emmy Award-winning meteorologist Geoff fox, who first noted how the satirical use of EAS will almost certainly lead to an FCC fine for Fox Broadcasting. He also has Noted the URL was officially registered at 12:21 p.m. on Sunday. The segment containing the URL had only aired two minutes before, according to the TVEyes TV transcript database, which strongly suggests, of course, that the URL was not recorded by someone involved in the segment. but by an eagle-eyed viewer eager to troll.

So to sum up this strange story? The producers of Fox Sports thought they made a clever segment evoking EAS’s nostalgic interruptions from viewers’ past. But not only did they appear to violate FCC standards, they also neglected to record the joke URL, which someone grabbed for political purposes.

Details of people. Details.

You can watch the above segment via Fox Broadcasting.

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