Google can lose track of tons of URL parameters

Google’s John Mueller had an interesting answer to a question about linking to a page without an actual canonical attribute, and that page has URL parameters for necessary tracking purposes. John said, “If the parameter URLs are few, we can track and probably map to the canonicals. If it’s a ton of parameter URLs, we could lose track.”

It was on Twitter, so let me incorporate John’s questions and answer:

I’m not sure I can explain it better than John Morabito did here, but in short they want to add a link from the homepage of a site, but that link is not a canonical url but a URL with URL parameters for tracking purposes. Will this confuse Google, add a non-canonical url from a homepage …

John said “it depends” and it depends on the number of URL parameters in the URL. He said to keep it as short and neat as possible.

Anyway, it shows me why canonical link attributes are important in these situations. But when you link to a location without it, it can be confusing for Google. Make sure you are giving Google consistent signals.

What do you all think of this situation? I suspect it’s not that rare.

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