Google says words in url are very light weight factor, but less after page indexing

Google’s John Mueller once again stated that Google uses URL words as a ranking factor. But John explained that it is a “very, very light factor”. John added that this becomes even less of a factor once content is indexed.

John said this at 51:34 after asking about URLs that might contain different languages, would it hurt for ranking purposes. This is what John said:

We use the words in a URL as a very, very light factor. And from what I remember, this is mostly something that we would consider when we hadn’t had access to the content yet. So if this is the first time we are seeing this URL, we don’t know how to rank its content, then we could use the words in the URL to help us rank better. But as soon as we have crawled and indexed the content, we have a lot more information. And then it’s something where basically if the url is German or Japanese or English it’s pretty much the same.

That’s pretty much what he said a year ago when he said that “the SEO effect of the keywords in the URL is minimal once the content is indexed.” This means that once Google understands the content of the page, the keywords in the URL are even less weighted for ranking purposes.

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