Google says your URL changes a year ago probably aren’t the reason for your SEO decline

Google’s John Mueller responded to an SEO asking if he should roll back the changes to the site URL migration a year ago to restore the traffic the blog had before. In which John Mueller said his guess is that “the traffic change is unrelated” to the URL changes they made a year ago.

Jean said the Twitter “I guess the traffic change is unrelated, so I would recommend looking at what they want long term, so they don’t have to change the URL structure again.”

So he suggests that the URL change and the drop in traffic, at least the long term consequences of those URL changes, are not related to the long term drops in traffic that this site might see from Google. Typically, if a 301s are in place, these traffic changes are short lived and don’t lead to a long-term drop in SEO.

What John seems to imply is that the site may have other issues, maybe quality issues, and the timing of the URL changes and SEO drop is just a coincidence?

Here are those tweets:

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