Here’s how to customize your LinkedIn URL in 4 easy steps

Your LinkedIn is one of the professional networks that can help you become a brand. However, like many other people around the world, you probably haven’t taken the time to customize your LinkedIn URL yet. This could be because you didn’t know how to do it, you didn’t know you could do it, or you just didn’t see the need for it.

Your Linkedin URL should be a priority when setting up or editing your profile because it’s what you’ll be sharing with other professionals you’d like to network with. In this article, I’ll share some tips on how changing your LinkedIn URL can benefit your professional growth, as well as how you can change yours.

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Why should I change my LinkedIn URL?

Each LinkedIn user is automatically assigned a URL that contains your name and an alphanumeric character string. For this reason, it’s easy to assume that your default URL works just fine. And while people can find you using this link, it’s generic so it doesn’t do anything for your brand.

Here are three benefits of customizing your LinkedIn URL

1. It’s easier to find and share

Because your URL is unique, it’s easier for you to remember. This means that you can also easily share it with your network, your recruiters or even your clients. It’s also a great way to stand out from other LinkedIn profiles, especially if you have a very common name.

2. You can be consistent with your brand

If you need to add your LinkedIn URL to your resume, email signature, and other documents, you’re sure to keep that professional look.

3. It increases your credibility

Not only does your URL show that you pay attention to detail, it also shows that you are ready to improve your results online.

How to customize your Linkedin URL

Ready to customize your LinkedIn URL, here’s how to get started;

  • Log in to your LinkedIn account, tap your profile, then view profile
  • Click on “Edit Public Profile and URL” located on the right side of your screen. This will open a new tab with your public profile settings
  • Next, tap the pencil icon under the Edit your vanity URL section.
  • Enter your preferred URL and click save.

Note that your vanity URL must contain between 3 and 100 letters or numbers. Therefore, you cannot use spaces, symbols or special characters in your link. You can also only change your profile URL five times in six months. If you’ve made a change up to five times, you’ll have to wait another six months before you can change it again.

Since another LinkedIn user may have used the desired URL, it may not be available. However, if they decide to change their URL, it will become available six months after the change.

And that’s how to change your LinkedIn URL. It’s time to head over to your LinkedIn account to increase your profile visibility. Let me know if this article was helpful in the comments section below.

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