How to Create or Edit Hyperlink in MS Word for Mac: Step by Step Guide

Here is how you can create or edit an already created hyperlink in MS Word for Mac.

Here is how you can create or edit an already created hyperlink in MS Word for Mac.

Microsoft Word, also known as MS-WORD, is a graphical word processing program. It is part of MS Office developed by Microsoft. Its main purpose is to help create documents such as letters, brochures, tests, quizzes, homework and more.

When creating documents in MS-Word, you can link the text to a website or page by creating hyperlinks. Additionally, MS-Word automatically creates a hyperlink for you when you press “Enter” or the space bar after typing a URL, such as

Follow these steps to easily create hyperlink in MS-Word document:

Link to a blank file, web page, or email message

Step 1: First, select the text or image to use as a link.

2nd step: Then click on ‘insert and select “hyperlink”.

Step 3: Now in the “insert hyperlink” box, do one of the following:

  • To link to a web page or file: Click on “web page or file”, then in the “address” box, enter a URL or press “select” to search for a file.
  • To create a link to a specific place in the document: click on “this document”, then choose the location of the link (for example, at the top of the document or to a specific heading).
  • To link to a blank email: Click on “e-mail address”, then enter an e-mail address and a subject for the message.

Point: If you want to change the tooltip that appears when you hover over the hyperlink:

Click on “Tooltip”, then enter the text.

If you do not specify a hint, Word uses the path or address of the file as the hint.

Step 4: Press “OK”.

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