How to Disable URL AutoComplete Chrome 2022

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Check how to disable Chrome URL autocomplete

Auto-Complete is a default feature of most current Internet browsers. It guesses what you type and suggests a word or phrase based on the action of different users and your set of experiences. In case you hit enter, the app automatically completes your composition with the rest of the recommended text.

For example, if you type goog into your browser’s address bar, your browser may recommend by displaying letters you haven’t typed yet. Assuming you press enter, the browser navigates to that site. To enable or disable autocomplete in your browser, please select your browser from the overview below and follow the guidelines.

Disable Chrome AutoComplete

Chrome’s autocomplete predicts what you want to type in the search bar so you don’t have to type the entire word or phrase. Most of the time it works fine, but sometimes you’re looking for something else and it gives a different result. To prevent this from happening, you can disable this feature by following the steps below.

Disable Google Chrome AutoComplete Searches from Settings

You can easily disable this feature from Google Chrome settings. Disable autocomplete in Chrome.

  • Click More. These are the three vertical dots at the top right of the browser.
  • Click Settings. This is the third option from the bottom that will open a new Settings tab.
  • Click on You and Google. This can be found in the left panel.
  • Click Sync and Google services. This can be found in the right panel.
  • Scroll down to Semi-automatic searches and URLs, then turn off the switch. This disables the browser’s auto-complete feature.
  • Deleting AutoComplete Suggestions If you are still receiving autocomplete suggestions, you should also try deleting the autocomplete form data from your browser.

Final Words: How to Disable Chrome URL AutoComplete

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