How to Find Instagram Account URL or Link

Instagram was the first popular social media app primarily for portable devices (phones and tablets). While the desktop Instagram is slightly different from the mobile versions, the functionality is essentially the same. However, some exceptions exist, such as navigation menus and options. Either way, you can still find an Instagram URL using both methods and access them whenever you want, share them on other social media apps, and more.

Here’s how to find, send, and manage profile and post URLs on Instagram.

Find your Instagram profile URL using any browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.) on a mobile device, laptop or PC

Finding your Instagram URL in a browser (desktop or mobile) is quite simple. Here’s how.

  1. Access your profile by clicking/tapping the “profile icon” in the upper right part of the screen.
  2. Click on “Profile” in the menu list.
  3. Go to the browser’s address bar, highlight the URL, then copy it. Now you can paste the URL where you need it.

So, you could probably say that finding your profile URL is relatively easy using a browser on your PC or laptop. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people rarely use Instagram on their computers as they are often on the go and have portable devices.

If someone prefers to check the IG feed from a desktop unit, they will most likely use a desktop app. This is almost identical to the mobile app and has most of the features of the mobile app.

Anyway, you cannot directly find your Instagram profile URL when using an Instagram app. However, you can get other people’s profile URLs. The URL template for Instagram profiles is as simple as it gets. Each profile has the Instagram URL and your literal username combined. So your Instagram profile URL would be In a case where you want to send your profile URL to someone or paste it into a field on a website, the easiest way is to use the web version of Instagram. However, you can enter it manually on a mobile device using the default URL structure above.


How to get an Instagram post URL and share it

Instagram has made sharing photos and videos very easy. Under each post, there is a share icon, indicating the sharing feature. This option allows you to send the post to any Instagram or Facebook contacts you choose. Yes, Instagram and Facebook listings appear when using the mobile app. However, sharing an Instagram post URL with external sources (Twitter, email, SMS, blogs, forum comments, etc.) requires a different method. Here’s how to get the URL of any Instagram post.

Enter and share Instagram post URL using Android/iOS/iPhone app

  1. Find the message whose URL you want to retrieve, then tap or click the “vertical ellipsis” (vertical three-dot icon) to open publishing options.
  2. Press on “Link” to copy the URL.
  3. The screen displays “Link copied” as confirmation.
  4. Choose the post or send method and the recipient.
  5. Paste the URL into the message, comment or social post.

Get and Share Instagram Post URL Using a Browser (Windows, Mac, or Linux)

If you’re using a browser on Windows, Mac, or Linux to access Instagram, finding and copying a post’s URL is very similar to the Android/iPhone process. However, there are more choices available when using the “ellipsis” menu option.

You can still use the ‘share icon’ to send to Instagram contacts, but Facebook friends aren’t listed in the browser – they’re an option when using the ‘ellipsis icon’. To better explain the ways to share an Instagram post URL, follow the steps below.

  1. Find the Instagram post whose URL you want to copy, then click the “horizontal ellipsis” (three horizontal dots).
  2. To copy the image or video URL, select “Copy link,” and you are done.
  3. To copy the URL/link for other actions, select “Share to…” and choose your option below.
  4. To share to Instagram profiles, select “Share to lead.”
  5. To share to your Facebook feed or story, select “Share on Facebook.”
  6. To include the URL in a Facebook post, choose “Share on Messenger.”
  7. To post the URL to Twitter, choose “Share on Twitter.”
  8. To send the post URL in an email, choose “Share via email.”
  9. To add the post URL to a forum comment, blog, or any other option that requires a URL, choose “Copy link” if you did not use the copy in option (Step 2).

Copying Instagram post URLs is as easy as it gets. Simply click on the photo in question, go to options and choose your copy/paste/share/send method.

How to Get Someone Else’s Instagram Profile URL

You might want to copy someone’s Instagram profile URL for reference, or maybe you want to send the URL to someone else. Whatever the purpose, you can do it using a browser on Windows, Mac or Linux. You can also do this using the Android or iPhone mobile app. Here’s how to copy an Instagram profile URL.

Copy Someone’s Instagram Profile URL Using Windows, Mac, or Linux Browser

  1. Go to the “Instagram profile” from which you want to copy the URL.
  2. In the “address bar”, highlight the URL and copy it by right-clicking on it and selecting “Copy.”
  3. Utilize “Dough” by right-clicking and selecting it where you need to send the URL.

Copy Someone’s Instagram Profile URL Using Android or iOS/iPhone

  • Go to the “Instagram profile” you want to retrieve the URL, then press the “vertical ellipsis” (three vertical dots) in the top right section to open the menu.
  • To select “Copy Profile URL.”
  • The screen displays “Link copied” on the profile page.
  • Paste it “URL profile” wherever you need it, be it email, social media post, messages, blog, forum, etc.

Copying Instagram profile URLs is easy to do and you can paste them where you need them, when you need them.

As you can see, Instagram is a little weird with URLs in general. Some URLs are easy to share and copy, while others (like your own profile URL) don’t come with a simple “copy” option. Copying your profile URL is only possible using a browser, while other profile URLs are easily copied using the mobile app and in a web browser on a PC or laptop. Posts, whether images or videos, are also easily copyable within the app or in a browser. You just need to know how to do it. If you think you will ever need to copy URLs on Instagram, there will come a time when you will.

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