How to open Firefox with URL in Linux via command line

Do you want to run Firefox using a command terminal with a URL? Follow the steps given on Ubuntu, CentOS, Linux Mint, Kali, Manjaro or any other Linux GUI distribution.

The Firefox browser is the default in almost all Linux operating systems due to its open source GPL license. As we know, it is a graphical user interface browser that can be started with just one mouse click. However, for those who want to start Firefox without leaving the command line terminal with a URL, here is the tutorial on it.

Run Firefox with the Linux command line url

Using the control terminal

Run the built-in terminal application from your Linux distribution and follow the following command to access firefox.

Open FirexFox using the command line

If you just want to start the browser on Linux using the terminal, run:


Start firefox with a url

If you want to open firefox directly from the command terminal, just type firefox with the url of the website you want to visit.

Here is the syntax to follow:
firefox url &

Replace the URL with the name of the web page you want to visit, for example:

firefox &

Well the command line for Firefox is not just limited to that, there is a lot more we can do, here are some other tips or commands that we can use to manage our browser.

URL in a new Firefox Linux window

If we want to open a new website URL in a new Firefox window but not close the existing one, use the following command syntax:

firefox --new-window url

Replace the URL with the actual name of the website:

firefox --new-window url

Command to open a new tab in Firefox

Well, we already have an active tab and want to open a new url in another tab of firefox via a command line terminal, it is also possible, for this use:


firefox --new-tab url

Replace the URL with the name of the website, for example:

firefox --new-tab

Use the firefox command to search

The next step is to use the command line if you want to search for something in a search engine like Yahoo, Google, or whatever.

In the browser’s default search engine:

firefox --search keyword

Replace the keyword with the term or text you want to search for in the firefox default search engine. For example:

firefox --search how2shout

Whereas, we can also use the command to specify any particular search engine that we want to use to search for keywords like Google, Bing or DuckDuckgo.

To do this, at the end of the command syntax above, you must mention the URL of the search engine. for example:

For googlefirefox --search how2shout

For Bing: firefox --search how2shout

DuckDuckGo- firefox --search how2shout

Use the command to open Firefox options / preferences on Linux

Open the browser settings directly using the terminal:

firefox --preferences

To learn more about the commands, type:

firefox --help

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