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THEAmid the avalanche of statewide partisan bickering and blame rejection of COVID-19, Missouri has lost part of one of my favorite potential projects. Missouri was and is a potential site for the first “Hyperloop” project. The Hyperloop is an idea of ​​Elon Musk which is taken over by Virgin Airlines. Basically, this is a high speed transport system that would send pod shaped capsules that levitate inside a tube at low pressure. These pods would theoretically carry people like you and me and I guess less important people and things.

Anyway, one of the proposed routes was to connect Kansas City and St. Louis. While I would agree that no one from Kansas City wants to go to St. Louis, how fun would it be to drive a 600mph capsule all the way to Columbia for a bit of football and Harpo’s and then come home? ? Heck, you could even hop over to Concordia for some food at the truck stop, if that’s your thing.

Apparently, they chose to build the “Virgin Hyperloop Certification Center” in Tucker County, West Virginia. This is the place where all the smart people are going to come together to figure out how it works, a lot of engineers and people with pocket protectors and high end calculators I guess. Missouri is still vying for the first route, despite the certification center’s location in West Virginia. I guess if they plant a bunch of test pods in West Virginia they’re hoping we don’t hear about it here and our state is still offering a lot of money to build a road. All aboard.

Apparently it will take around 2030 before they reach that point, until then drive to Columbia or Concordia.

I told you to sign up for Tik Tok. It was epic the past two weeks. Country singer Morgan Wallen dominated the Chinese spy app with his harsh partying during and after the Alabama soccer game. Almost everyone in Tuscaloosa was Tik Tok’ing a “Morgan” session at local bars, house parties and a few rooms with about 50 people crammed into them. If Morgan didn’t catch COVID, I would appoint him to replace Dr Fauci, as he did direct “research” for about 6 hours on a Saturday afternoon and into the night.

The sequel to that is that “all good things must come to an end” came into play on Sunday. Wallen was not invited to be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live for failing to follow “COVID protocols” and he had to issue the “I’m sorry and I’m going to work to be a better person” standard. I was disappointed with the apologies. He is 27 years old, single and quite wealthy with a superb mule. If you can’t take this act in Tuscaloosa for a day of fun, is there a reason to live?

The answer is no. To continue.

Is anyone else old enough to remember when Hank Williams, Jr. was too drunk to perform in Kansas City? Unfortunately, I watched it. Was it 1992 if any of you were still alive? Hank also apologized. He said he got “angry” after meeting with friends and “having dinner and drinking” before his concert at the then sandstone amphitheater. I guess there are more drinks than dinner. In my group of friends (I prefer to call them acquaintances) we call this an “acute case of food poisoning”, but you can call it whatever you like.

Hank hasn’t posted any apologies on Tik Tok.

I didn’t know Sandstone was now called the Amphitheater at Providence Medical Center. Did you know this? Sounds like a strange name. Does naming an amphitheater after a hospital bring more business to a hospital? I don’t understand our world.

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