I’m setting my friends on fire Hold the festival URL hostage for Spot on Lineup

When We Were Young 2022 is a modern slice of Warped Tour heaven, including everyone from the era – or almost everyone. When I Set My Friends on Fire saw that they had been left out, they declared a guerrilla meme war, even going so far as to buy WhenWeWeReYoungFest.com to hold it hostage.

It all started with a series of incredulous comments. “LIVENATION ARE YOU SERIOUS? they wrote after the festival was announced. To everyone planning to attend, they added, “SEE YOU IN THE PARKING LOT, I’M GUESSING.” They also made a generous offer: “NO MATTER YOU PAY MCR, WE DO IT FOR HALF” and swore: “WE WILL REMEMBER SOMEWAYS.”

Finally, on Tuesday, the titans of 2008 dropped the big bombshell: “HEY LIVENATION,” they wrote, “GUESS WHO OWNS WHENWEWEREYOUNGFEST.COM. Go to this site and you will be redirected to the I Set My Friends on Fire Facebook page. Checkmate, Live Nation.

Of course, this invites a few questions. For starters, do they have the right URL? No, it would be WhenWeWeReYoungFestival.com. But will this meme war work? Also no. However, it’s a hilarious test of relevance and great promotion for the band’s upcoming tour.

If you’re feeling nostalgic for “Things That Rhyme with Orange” or a heavy rock cover of Soulja Boy’s “Crank That,” you can purchase tickets for the I Set My Friends on Fire tour through their Facebook page. Discover a selection of their publications below. To see My Chemical Romance, Paramore, Avril Lavigne and more, reserve your spot for When We Were Young 2022 on the low.

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