Law Firm Launches Engagement-Focused Webpage

Law Firm Launches Engagement-Focused Webpage

Houston-based law firm Simmons and Fletcher, PC, Injury and Accident Lawyers, announces the launch of its new Meet Houston Missions webpage. Meet Houston Missions is “a web space designed to bring together local Houston missions and potential supporters and volunteers” according to Paul H. Cannon, shareholder of the company and creator of Meet Houston Missions.

Meet Houston Missions is a short show where host, Paul H. Cannon, interviews various local mission leaders from the Greater Houston and Katy areas. The videos are short interviews in which the viewer can find out how the mission was formed, where it is located, what kind of volunteer activities are available, what kind of donations are needed, and what events the mission hosts.

The idea of ​​Meet Houston Missions is perhaps one of the few good things to come out of the Covid 19 pandemic. I just didn’t have the time or the skills to make videos at the time,” says Paul. “After the pandemic forced our law firm to move remotely and learn to use Zoom for meetings, depositions and hearings, the door was wide open.”

The first episode of Meet Houston Missions went live on November 2, 2021, featuring an interview with Julie Malin of Heroes for Children, a charity that raises money to support children with childhood cancer and their families. Three additional episodes have since aired, and the show plans to continue releasing new episodes weekly with different guests from local missions supporting those in need in and around the Greater Houston area.

Meet Houston Missions is not affiliated with any church or religious group. Any mission seeking to support others in the Houston area with food, shelter, clothing, and/or financial assistance may apply to be interviewed. To apply, visit Meet Houston Missions at: www.simmonsandfletch and submit a case application titled “Meet Houston Missions.”

For more information contact:
Paul H. Cannon
Simmons and Fletcher, PC, Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers
9821 Katy Road #925
Houston, Texas 77024
713-935-1410 fax
[email protected]

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