Mobile application development company’s hyperlink information system reveals the cost and time to create an application in 2018

2017 has been a fantastic year for technology innovators and influencers. The app economy has received an amazing response from users around the world. It’s not only nice to have a mobile app for a business these days, it’s mandatory. A mobile app can increase business sales, meet customer needs, and more. According to a Hyperlink Infosystem survey, the number of free mobile app downloads is 500% higher than in 2012, so in just five years, this is phenomenal growth in the industry. Few of the technologies will be all the rage in 2018, including cloud-based applications, IoT for mobile apps, wearable apps, augmented reality, and blockchain for better security.

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It all ends with a single question: “How much does an application cost and how long will it take to create an application?” Because everyone wants to serve something new to the world using better technology. Hyperlink Infosystem – a leading mobile app development company conducted a survey to research current technology trends and how it will help the future app development process. This survey will also shed some light on the cost and time frame to create a great mobile app. In this survey, one thing is confirmed, it all depends on customer requirements.

The company took into account a few types of mobile applications during this survey. On-demand applications use different technologies. The result is very unique and useful.

Cost and time to create taxi booking applications:

If an investor wants to know the cost and timing of taxi booking apps, he should first know that there are two types of apps in taxi booking apps – one is for passenger and one is for passenger and other to the driver.

Now the cost and time is based on what features a customer wants to add. A taxi app with full basic functionality will cost around $ 10,000 To $ 14,000 and it will take a month or more.

If a customer opts for a higher version than the base one, it will cost around $ 15,000 To $ 19,000 and the timeframe can vary between two months and four months.

And the highest version of a taxi booking app can vary between $ 20,000 To $ 35,000 and you can think of it as four to five months.

Cost and time to create a restaurant reservation application:

This type of application is currently one of the most popular applications in the world. Many restaurant reservation apps also run on famous technology – augmented reality.

It’s slightly different from a taxi app. In restaurant reservation apps, there are three apps that work in parallel. So there is also a difference in cost and time.

The base cost of the application will vary between $ 10,000 To $ 15,000 and the lead time will take about 2 months.

Medium-sized applications will cost between $ 18,000 To $ 22,000 and will take about three to five months to do the same.

The highest version of a restaurant booking app will cost around $ 20,000 To $ 40,000 and the time can be estimated within 5-6 months.

Cost and time to create a delivery application:

Delivery apps are also one of the most demanding apps because now everyone wants everything at home. It’s the same as a restaurant booking app as it also includes three apps in total. So the cost and time will also be approximately the same as for restaurant reservation apps. This app helps the buyer to get things at home from a necessity to luxury.

In general, it will cost between $ 15,000 To $ 45,000 with a delay of two to six months.

Cost and time to create a medical application:

These apps are a blessing for the patients. Users are just a click away from doctor’s advice and appointments for any type of illness. It was very essential to know the cost and time of a doctor application.

Users know the benefits of this type of application and to know the cost and timeframe, you have to understand how it works.

There are a total of two apps that are built. One is used by doctors and the other is of course for patients. A client can also add the chat feature which allows a patient to have a conversation with their doctors.

The cost and time to create a doctor app varies between $ 12,000 To $ 50,000 and takes two to eight months respectively.

Cost and timeframe to create a beauty salon app:

As the users know, these kinds of apps provide the best beauty and salon services as needed.s of a client. It is the most convenient thing for those who wish to visit and be pampered quite frequently.

It has two apps, one for users and one for salon owners who are also service providers. It can also include many advanced features. Chatting with beauty experts and getting their expert advice is made easier thanks to this.

Talk about cost and timeframe – It depends on what features a customer wants to add, the size of the app, the platforms it will be built on, etc.

The cost to create a beauty salon app is between $ 12,000 To $ 30,000 and it takes two to five months to create a fully functional beauty salon app.

Cost and timeframe to create a social media app:

Social media is one of the most powerful platforms in the world for sharing everything with the people around. So the demand is definitely high to create a social media app. This survey allows customers and users to know everything that can be taken into account in estimating cost and time.

Usually, social media apps are used to share photos, videos, chats, etc. There are more advanced features that allow users to share live video etc.

So in a general idea, the cost to create a social app is between $ 10,000 To $ 60,000. The estimated time varies between 2.5 months and 6 months.

This detailed survey can be a turning point for those who want to build an app anywhere in the world. According to this survey, Indian mobile app developers are also believed to cost less than anyone in the world.

Harnil Oza, the CEO of the company said: “This survey is aimed exclusively at those who are considering investing their money in app development and technology. We wanted to prepare a comprehensive guideline on costs and time frames for mobile app development and that was the subject of this investigation. Hyperlink Infosystem is the innovator and well-known for the world’s best bespoke mobile application development. “

According to the survey, tThe cost of any application depends on the economy of that country, but the quality remains the same. People all over the world are expecting the best mix of technology and innovation, and the year 2018 will deliver the same.

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