New webpage shows COVID-19 cases in Wasatch County schools

The site displays case numbers dating back to the start of the pandemic for students and staff, as well as information on COVID exposures. According to Wasatch County School District Information Officer Kirsta Albert, it is updated hourly through automated databases maintained by school health care aides.

The webpage, created by the district internally, is now the main source of COVID information related to schools in Wasatch County. Parents will no longer receive emails about exhibits. Instead, this information will be available on school-specific pages on the website.

At Wasatch County schools, when students test positive for COVID or think they have it, they are expected to report it and stay home for five days. School guidelines allow them to return to school when they no longer have symptoms and to wear a mask for five days. The school district is following statewide guidelines for the management of COVID.

A list for each school identifies recent exposures by teacher name, class period and date. For example, the Wasatch High School page shows details of exhibits in 18 classes over the past two weeks.

The site also displays specific case numbers by tier, using graphs to compare numbers by school and show case volumes over time.

The district launched the webpage late last week when numbers showed a significant drop in cases from a January surge.

In January, around 650 students and 100 staff members had COVID – more than the entire first semester of the current school year. According to the Wasatch County Health Department, had Utah not canceled the testing program to stay, nearly all schools in Wasatch County would have required students to test negative to be on campus.

The legislature canceled the statewide program, citing inefficiency and lack of resources as reasons.

So far in February, only 20 students and one staff member have reported having COVID.

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