Prostitution website shares same URL as Lauderdale County website

MERIDIAN, Mississippi (WTOK) – Some people who attempt to access the Lauderdale County government website are redirected to a web portal devoted to pornography and prostitution.

A Newscenter 11 viewer made us aware of the porn issue when he was redirected to an escort service overseas.

The caller told Newscenter that he was directed to what appears to be a Turkish escort service when he typed Lauderdale county dot org into his search engine.

We tried it out ourselves and of course we were directed to disturbing images of nude and partially nude women advertising their services.

“I think it’s disgusting because not only can adults be exposed to it, but children can be exposed. I know that in the school system we are big with technology allowing kids to use iPads and chrome books. If they did research Lauderdale County, that would be something that would be terrifying to see in a school system as well, ”said local Ashlee Walker.

The locals we spoke to are worried.

“It’s a trick of the enemy. They plant a seed. You might not think about it, but when you see this website the seed is now planted, ”said Pastor Pearl Huggins.

“It’s very sad because it’s probably considered a safe site even though parents can have parental controls – they think about it. You open up what is supposed to be safe for them. If the person was smart enough because someone might think they wouldn’t go to this site. If they’re smart enough to hack then they’re smart enough, they’re smart enough to access emails and send a link. All they have to do is click on a link, local Jawanda Huggins.

We spoke with Lauderdale County administrators about this. The Lauderdale County administrator and IT department said they were unaware of the issue, but upon verification, it appears the escort service has the same URL as the county’s website.

“I didn’t have the problem on my phone when I searched for it, but had seen some of the graphic images if you look for it on the desktop. Hopefully this will be clarified all around, ”Walker said.

The county has said there isn’t much they can do about it, but they want people to know.

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