Samsung internet browser now supports the ability to move URL bar down

Windows Phone started it, iPhone recently adopted it and now Samsung has copied the feature as well. We’re of course talking about having the address bar at the bottom of your browser, which is easy to access with your finger, but doesn’t obscure the content at the top of the screen.

Samsung is of course most likely copying Apple rather than Windows Phone, but if you prefer their URL bar at the bottom, the popular Samsung internet browser now offers the option in its latest v16.0.2.19 update.

The update has the following changelog:

  • Move URL bar down (optional)
    The URL bar can be dragged down for better one-handed use.
  • Priority HTTPS connection (Labs feature)
    When accessing a web page, this feature gives priority to secure login and login attempts.
  • Block tracking by invisible image (“Tracking Pixel”)
    Smart Anti-Tracking has evolved to block tracking using small pixel images.
  • Improved search experience in the URL bar
    Now you can enjoy high-quality, well-organized search suggestions when you enter search keywords in the URL bar.

The option to move the address bar is under Settings> Layout and menu:

The Samsung Internet Browser, which is also available for Android phones from other manufacturers, is available in the Google Play Store here.

Samsung Internet Browser
Samsung Internet Browser

Thank you, Mr. Energizer for the tip.

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