SBI warns clients not to click on suspicious URL links, SMS

New Delhi: The State Bank of India (SBI) has asked its clients to protect their finances by refraining from clicking on unfamiliar links and texts. “Always say ‘YES’ to banking security with SBI remembering to check the URL before right clicking. Make a habit of always refraining from clicking on unfamiliar links, ”SBI tweeted. Stay on the lookout for fraudsters by following safe banking habits, the leading public sector loan company said.Also Read – Every 60+ to Get a Booster Dose, Only Covaxin for 15-18 Years Old, All Booster Guidelines, Explained by an Expert | look

SBI has warned its customers not to click on unfamiliar websites such as,, However, customers can do secure banking through websites such as,, Also Read – Chandigarh Sets Up ‘Mini COVID Care Center’ For Asymptomatic Patients Amid Rising Cases | Read details

Remember to check the URL before making the right clicks, SBI said. Also Read – Kabir Khan Breaks Silence On ’83 Box Office Performance: ‘Kapil Dev Told Me Once …’ | Exclusive

Apart from that, SBI has asked its customers to stay alert for fake text messages from scammers.

“Dear Customer, your SBBI **** bank account will be blocked due to KYC. Click on this link and instantly get a thank you gift card worth Rs 1000.

SBI also asked its customers not to share one-time passwords and to receive friend requests from strangers. “Protect your financial counters from crooks. Don’t click on unfamiliar links. Never share OTP. Block friend requests from strangers, ”SBI said.

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