Scam website URL is shared on behalf of Tata Group 150th Anniversary Contest

A message claiming that the TATA group as part of their 150e Anniversary celebrations is hosting an event in which participants have the chance to win a car is widely shared on social media platforms. The post further shares a URL that leads to a poll, asking users to click on it. Through this article, let’s check the facts of the claim made in the mail.

Claim: TATA Group as part of their 150e Birthday Celebrations organizes an event in which participants have a chance to win a car.

Made: This is a fraudulent website; the url is completely different from the url of the official site. The TATA group, via a tweet, distanced themselves from the link and warned the public to refrain from clicking and sharing it with others. Therefore, the claim made by post is FALSE.

The TATA group does not organize any kind of event and there is no information regarding such event on the official TATA website. Additionally, the URL shared in the post indicates that it leads to a questionable phishing website because it is different from the original website URL. In addition, a simple Google search tells us that the Tata group was established in 1868, which means that the 150e anniversary of the organization takes place in 2018.

Google search with relevant keywords led us to a Tweeter by the TATA Group through which the organization distanced itself from the viral link and categorically claimed that the promotional activity has nothing to do with the organization.

In addition, the tweet points to another Tweeter who shares a video compilation of fraudulent messages that have been shared on behalf of Tata Group. The video message warns the public against clicking on such fraudulent links and passing them on to others. The video post further advises the public to look for a similar communication on Tata’s official websites and social media when they come across such posts.

By clicking on the link, we are taken to a questionnaire which, after answering all the questions, asks the user to share the link with as many people as possible in order to benefit from the prize which clearly indicates that the event is doubtful.

However, this is not the first time that such messages have been shared on social media. Even earlier, similar posts went viral on behalf of the TATA Group, D-Mart, Taj Hotels, etc. FACTLY debunked these claims earlier and the fact-checking stories behind them can be read here, here and here.

To sum up, the TATA group is not associated with the questionable URL of the shared website on behalf of the 150 of the Tata group.e anniversary contest.


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