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Domain names (URLs) are inexpensive. You can expect to pay less than $ 10 a year for one. This makes it relatively easy to own more than one. To get started, you need to own the URL that contains your name in order to protect your online reputation. However, your personal name is probably not suitable as a field of activity. The URL is important for the search engines which rank your website at the top of the results. For this reason, you want to seriously think about what you have for your business URL.

One of the advantages of the real estate industry is that it is usually a location specific business. You can use it to your advantage when selecting the domain name for your business. If your business model is to sell rents to own homes, your domain name might include Your website will appear at the top of search results when interested people enter a rent to own in Denver.

Many people use their business name as their domain name. This is great for loyal customers who already know your business, but it’s not useful for attracting new customers. To attract new customers, you want to use a more descriptive domain name. Instead of, include a description of what your business does. is telling search engines and internet users that this is a site offering commercial real estate leases in Denver.

Another way to do this is to use the words people type into search engines when they search for the services you offer. There is a free online tool called “Google Keyword Planner” that you can use to find related searches and find out how many people are using similar but different search phrases. For example, the phrase “rent to own” has over 200,000 searches per month, but the shorter phrase “rent to buy” has over 600,000 searches.

Shorter is better for domain names in general. Shorter is easier to remember by existing customers. An exception is if your city has a long name. Also, the easier it is to spell, the easier it will be for people to find you. And don’t be complicated with the spelling. It’s “”. Not “”. Not many people will remember that you misspelled it on purpose, and those who don’t will will search using the traditional spelling.

Dot com is much better than the other extensions available. People who are intimately familiar with the Internet know that .net, .org, .biz, and other extensions are just as legitimate as .com. However, many people associate the Internet closely with .com. If you use something else, your marketing efforts will likely drive traffic to a competitor’s site that uses the dot-com version of the URL.

Keep it short and easy to spell. It’s about making it easy for people to remember and easily type in a browser. It’s about returning customers. Many people type the URL directly into the browser’s address window to skip the search engine step. Do not lengthen your domain name by adding adjectives such as “best” or “highest rated”. Save this for other marketing efforts.

Stay away from hyphenated domain names. People forget to put the dashes. If your competitor uses and you use, you can be sure that your marketing efforts send customers directly to the competition when they fail to hyphenate.

Another great reason to use your business name in the URL is that you can place a magnetic sign on your car with your URL that tells readers in an instant how to find you on the internet and what your business is all about. Well-thought-out URLs are easily remembered by people.

Following these simple rules is just the start to making your real estate website search easy and user-friendly. If you think you’re not getting all the internet traffic you should be getting, you might want to embark on a short research project to make your entire website friendly to both users and search engines. research. A few simple changes can make a big difference in where your domain name appears in the search engine results.

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