Shooney Da Rapper or Viixen The Assassin, who won the URL SMACK rap battle?

While Verzuz’s highly anticipated battle between Bow Wow and Soulja Boy sparked hilarious reactions on the internet, a very serious showdown took place between fight rappers Shooney Da Rapper and Viixen The Assassin during the Ultimate Rap League event ( URL) this weekend. . The two female animators faced off for three rounds and did their best to kill each other with their hardcore, insulting punchlines.

Shooney Da Rapper quickly became a hot topic of discussion as it was his URL debut. Apart from those two, the event also saw a gruesome rap battle between O’fficial vs Gatas and First Day Flamez vs-Hart. The URL is a very serious event in relation to the Verzuz clashes. They’ve been hosting battles since 2009 when Verzuz was only launched in March 2020 by legendary producers Timbaland and Swizz Beatz. Some of Verzuz’s most iconic battles have seen renowned hip-hop artists like Monica and Brandy, Snoop Dogg and the late DMX, Gladys Knight and Patti LaBelle, Raekwon and Ghostface Killah, Nelly and Ludacris, Method Man and Redman and Alicia Keys and John Legend, among others for the face-to-face.


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Who won between Shooney Da Rapper and Viixen The Assassin?

The Ultimate Rap League commonly referred to as SMACK / URL is a New York-based fighting rap league owned by famous hip hop promoter Troy “Smack White” Mitchell, Eric Beasley, Street Star Norbes and French Jean “Cheeko” from Queens, New York City. Renowned artists, namely Sean Combs, Busta Rhymes, Q-Tip, Joe Budden, Cassidy, King Los, Beanie Sigel, Jay-Z, Funkmaster Flex, Kid Capri, Bow Wow, Jadakiss, Lupe Fiasco and French Montana among many others have extended their support for the fighting league on different occasions.

Speaking of the last battle, Shooney Da Rapper, real name Destineze Monsantos, brought him A-game. However, a few escapes led to a huge discussion on Twitter. According to the site Verse tracking, The New York native has 22 battles under her belt with nearly five million views. Viixen the Assassin, real name Victoria Stephans, has 25 battles under her belt with nearly three million views. The Wisconsin native showed her confidence on stage as she did her best to degrade her opponent. The battle between the two female hosts was broadcast live on the official website of Caffeine.

‘Shooney was on fire but those stumbles make you fall apart’

Although an official winner is never announced in a URL / SMACK battle, many social media users have delivered their verdicts on Twitter. One user said: “2-1 Viixen …. Shooney was on fire but those stumbles make you fall apart.” Another said: “So at this point it’s about Viixen 2-1 or 3-0… depending on whether Shooney does a little MIRACULOUS in the 3rd.” An individual added: “Viixen 2-1. I liked Shooneys 3rd a bit more, but you can tell Viix got it too. The pigment, the prison bars were crazy. Fire I wish Shooney had passed his first two clear rounds. # Héritier2LeTrône “.

The next one claimed: “Shooney murdered Vixen”, while another stressed: “Viixen 2-1 (near edge), I would have given this to Shooney if she hadn’t tripped and cut short the 3rd was his best and Viixen did his aggressive punches and normal angles which was good, but the Shooney bars were more powerful and direct. One user tweeted: “I had Hart 20 (2nd and 3rd), Shooney 1st and 2nd, even with slight issues his material was much better for me, 3rd can be argued anyway. Cat and Viix winning. Gattas grabbed a body bar, and the jokes were too many and O had a short third and stumbled while lifting the first two. One posted, “I don’t think Vixen toughened up Shooney like you say,” while another concluded, “I liked it better. Shooney’s material …. Viixen was the performance was cleaner so she gets the W. “

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