The linked URL provides news coverage services to help businesses improve their exposure

Linked URL uses its network of nearly 300 news sites to help businesses with their search engine rankings and sales.

Linked URL is involved in digital advertising through major news sites. The agency has a network of over 200 leading global news sites, through which it publishes articles for independent influencers, entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Linked URL also functions as a copywriting agency, creating custom posts and articles for clients. Once approved, articles are published on news sites such as affiliates of US Today, FOX News, MarketWatch and more.

The goal of this form of advertising is to give smaller agencies access to the same exposure as well-established ones, thereby increasing brand recognition. The cornerstone of the Linked URL strategy is to ensure the article is featured on each of the ad network’s 254 news sites.

As a spokesperson for Linked URL stated, “This type of exposure is virtually unheard of with other forms of digital advertising, especially for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs.”

Written articles are published within a week of being written. The linked URL has a policy in place that ensures that articles will be published simultaneously on all news sites. At the time of publication, each client receives a detailed report.

The report describes the information sites on which the promotional article is published. Links are included for customers to independently check the presence and performance of each item.

The articles are live on the sites between 3 months and 2 years. Smaller sites will retain promotional items longer, while major news sites may archive posts on a few sites. Customers have the option of posting a separate article shortly thereafter.

A key component of this form of digital advertising is Google rankings. Backlinks are one of the factors that can improve rankings with the search engine. Of the top 50 sites on search engine results pages, 99.2% of pages had backlinks to at least one website.

Links from authoritative sites, such as linked URL news sites, carry more weight, which contributes to an increase in rankings. The majority of backlinks provided by Linked URL are not tracking links. Contrary to past assumptions, no tracking links can help increase traffic to sites and boost SEO.

Linked URL also uses tactics that lead to increased traffic to customer websites. It is an organic result. Major news sites often have thousands of visitors to their sites every day. Global authority sites may see an even higher level of traffic.

The trust that consumers place in news sites is transferred to the brands promoted on these platforms. The initial development of this exhibition is an increased number of visitors to the site. The secondary result is increased sales.

There is no tangible timeline for such a digital advertising plan, but previous clients have seen results months after the articles were published.

Linked URL aims to provide clients with an in-depth, long-term approach to digital advertising.

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Linked URL gives independent contractors and small businesses access to a network of over 250 locations. This increases brand awareness, sales, and search engine rankings. High quality articles can be published in as little as a week.

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