The public should submit comments on unicameral bills via the web page | State and Region

Legislative resolutions (LRs) are generally non-binding statements, not potential laws. (When senators recognize a state champion team, for example, they usually do so through such a resolution.)

Constitutional amendments proposed by states, however, have “LR” before their number and “CA” after.

The webpage for each bill includes official voting records and links to copies of the bill, proposed amendments, transcripts of debates and other related materials.

Click ‘Submit Written Comments’ to bring up a page where you can enter your comments, indicate your position (for, against or neutral) and choose whether you would like your name and comments to appear in the official record of the hearing. Comments are limited to 500 words.

The Legislative Assembly’s other methods of tracking its activities from outside Lincoln also remain in place.

Nebraska Public Media offers live coverage of indoor proceedings through the Unicameral website and its cable channel NE-W (formerly NET2) (Allo Communications Channel 11 or Spectrum Channel 190 in North Platte).

Committee hearings and in-room proceedings can be viewed via NPM’s “Live Video Stream” box on the website. Click here for daily schedules.

“The offers links to even more information, including “quick links” pages suitable for citizens, students and teachers, lawyers, lobbyists and government employees.

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