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  • the The requested URL was rejected. The error message occurs due to corrupted cookies or browser cache data.
  • Changing your main browser will easily get rid of the URL rejected, see administrator error message.
  • Follow our steps to clear your browser cache and you will fix your request rejected error in no time.
  • If that doesn’t work, try restarting your router using our method and see if that helps.

URL requested error

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The requested URL was rejected error message appears in browser tabs. This error message appears in a Request Rejected tab that opens when a user tries to open a specific web page.

The full error message reads: The requested URL was rejected. Please consult the administrator. Therefore, users cannot open the required web page.

The error mainly occurs due to corrupted cookies, damaged browser cache, or interference with internet settings. Here are some resolutions that could correct The requested URL was rejected Error.

Potential fixes for rejected URL errors

  1. Go to the opera
  2. Check if the website is down
  3. Clear browser cache
  4. Restart your router
  5. Add webpage url to your trusted websites

What can I do to fix URL rejected errors?

1. Switch to Opera

If the website you are trying to visit is up and running, your browser could be the culprit. We suggest you install a new browser.

For example, Opera is a great choice for Windows 10 users. If we were to describe Opera in 3 words, those words would be: fast, reliable and secure. So basically that’s all you need from a browser.

If you prefer to use a reliable browser that doesn’t throw all kinds of errors when trying to visit a particular website, download and install Opera.



Browse the Internet more easily and with almost no errors, using this fantastic browser.

2. Is the website down?

  1. Open the Is down right now website in your browser.
  2. Enter website Url in the text box.
  3. press the To verify button.

First of all, you need to check whether the website is down or not. It could be that the website is usually down and the problem is not on your end. In this case, you just have to wait.

3. Clear the browser cache

  1. press the Customize Google Chrome menu button.
  2. Click on More tools and select Clear browsing data to open the options shown in the snapshot directly below.
  3. To select All the time from the Time Range drop-down menu.
  4. Select the Cookies and other site data option.
  5. press the Erase data button.

The requested URL was rejected error may be due to broken or corrupted cookies. Some users said that clearing the browser cache fixes the issue.

  • If you use other browsers
  1. Click on Free download to CCleaner website to add this software to Windows.
  2. Click on Custom cleaning> Applications in CCleaner to open the tab below.
    This image has an empty alt attribute;  its filename is requested-url-10.jpg
  3. Select the Biscuits checkbox of your browser.
  4. Then press the Analyze button.
  5. Finally, click on the Run the cleaner button.

Users with other browsers can clear their cookies with the free utility CCleaner.

4. Restart your router

Some users have also confirmed that restarting the router fixes The requested URL was rejected error. So, turn off your router for at least a few hours, if not a day.

The easiest way to turn it off is to unplug it from its power source. After waiting, turn your router back on. Subsequently, the web page that did not open may open in your browser.

5. Add webpage url to your trusted websites

  1. Scroll to the Settings tab to press the Advanced button.
  2. Click on Open proxy settings to open the window below.
  3. Select security from the snapshot directly below.
  4. Select the Trusted sites zone, and press the Sites button.
  5. Enter the URL of the web page that does not open.
  6. press the To add button.
  7. Click it Close in the Trusted sites window.
  8. Then click Okay in the Internet Properties window.

Adding URLs to Trusted Websites is another resolution that some users have confirmed fixes The requested URL was rejected Error.

To add a URL to Chrome’s trusted sites, type chrome: // settings / in that browser’s URL bar and press Enter.

The requested URL was rejected is just one of various page load error messages that can appear in browsers. The above fixes may correct this error message and possibly a few other page load errors.

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