URL parameters don’t make links artificial, according to Google

Google’s John Mueller must have said that links that have UTM parameters, or tracking parameters, appended to the end of the URL, do not make them artificial links. I often wonder where these myths come from, but he had to explain that these links are not by default considered unnatural links.

I mean, it could be unnatural links, but it depends on how the link was added. Google defines unnatural links as “the creation of links that have not been placed or guaranteed by the site owner on a page, also called unnatural links, may be considered a violation of our guidelines”.

Adding a URL parameter to a link, like this article, adding? Utm_source = newsletter & utm_medium = email & utm_campaign = blast & utm_id = 55 at the end of a URL does not make it artificial. Many people use these UTM parameters to better track clicks and campaigns and sometimes end up on websites. Google will often ignore these items after the? Utm_source = but it doesn’t matter anyway.

Google’s John Mueller had to say about Twitter “These are just URL parameters. The unnatural part is that they are unnatural or unnatural links. You don’t make them natural by removing the parameters, and you don’t make them unnatural. by adding parameters. “


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Note: This was pre-written and is due for release today, I am currently offline for Rosh Hashanah.

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