USPTO Launches New Public Patent Search Tool and Webpage

WASHINGTON – The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) today announced a new Public patent search tool which provides a more convenient, remote and robust full-text search of all US patents and published patent applications.

Based on the advanced patent end-to-end (PE2E) search tool that USPTO examiners use to identify prior art, this free, cloud-based platform combines the capabilities of four existing searches scheduled for retirement in September 2022: Public-Examiner’s Automated Search Tool (PubEAST), Public-Web Examiner’s Search Tool (PubWEST), Patent Full-Text and Image Database (PatFT ) and Patent Application Full Text and Image Database (AppFT).

“This new platform represents a significant step forward in our broader efforts to meet stakeholders where they are, particularly in the pandemic,” said Drew Hirshfeld, serving as Under Secretary of Commerce for intellectual property and director of the USPTO. “Knowing that our previous tools did not offer users the convenience or functionality similar to that used by our examiners, it is extremely gratifying to know that now more stakeholders can search for patents using the resources of four powerful platforms. forms of research in one expansive tool.”

In the past, users could only access the older PubEAST and PubWEST search tools at a USPTO facility such as the Alexandria headquarters, a regional office, or a patent and trademark resource center. With the launch of the new tool, remote research is now available to all users with internet access. Additional benefits include:

  • Layouts: Multiple layouts with multiple tools to provide more data at once
  • Highlighting: Multi-color highlighting that can be viewed on multiple gadgets and toggled on or off
  • Markup: Ability to mark documents in multiple groups that can be renamed and color coordinated
  • Remarks: Ability to add notes to an image with options to include tags, relevant claims and highlights
  • Quality: Robust full-text search of US patents and published applications
  • Familiar friendliness: Same search syntax as PubEAST and PubWEST

Along with the launch of the public patent search tool, the USPTO unveiled a new Public Patent Search Web Page which includes FAQs, training resources, and other information to help users transition to the new tool. Upcoming public training sessions will be posted on the webpage as soon as they are scheduled.

For questions regarding public patent searching, please contact the Public Search Department at [email protected] or visit the websites of the Public Search Department and/or the Patent and Trademark Resource Centers.

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