Web page dedicated to diversity and equity

It is with great enthusiasm that the Town of Norman announces its recent update to its website to include a dedicated web page for all matters of diversity and equity.

The Town of Norman invites you to visit the Diversity & Equity website hosted directly under the Your government tongue. The information covered is intentionally designed to help educate, inform and engage. “We continue to make progress on several upgrades in various internal and external functions to increase our visibility on diversity and equity,” said Cinthya Allen, Director of Diversity and Equity, “Keeping communication at the forefront. plan is essential to ensure that everyone involved can find their way to engage.

The new Diversity and Equity webpage hosts information such as a directory of diversity dialogues, creates space to celebrate the ways in which local impact is achieved in Norman, and provides many other pieces of information . An important tab to highlight is the How to get involved tongue. Here, residents can visit links to view application forms for the Town of Norman Boards and Commissions, as well as information on external organizations with opportunities to participate.

One of the purposes of this site is to provide information to include all of our Normandy residents, business owners, visitors and any interested stakeholders in the journey of inclusion of diversity and equity. The new Diversity and Equity web page will be updated periodically.

Go to www.normanok.gov and click on the Your government tab to find the Diversity and equity page. Visit quickly and often to stay informed.

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