Worried about Pegasus spyware? This bot can help you test for a suspicious URL

Are you losing sleep over reports of Pegasus spyware being stealthily deployed in smartphones for alleged government surveillance?

Activists of the Free Software Movement of India have developed a preliminary scan that helps you analyze the URL of a suspicious website or link. After checking, the bot will tell you if the URL in question is related to known Pegasus spyware.

“Spyware is difficult to detect. Once inside the device, he takes control. It can read messages, listen to conversations on several calling apps and access cameras, ”said Kiran Chandra, FSMI general secretary. Activity area.

With reports of phones from dozens of activists, journalists, politicians and intellectuals infected with Pegasus spyware, the FSMI launched a bot on its Telegram account.

How? ‘Or’ What

Just copy and paste a suspicious link as a message into the Telegram bot. It will then be checked against the list of known links associated with Pegasus.

“It’s a first level analysis. It can analyze the links available in the phone. If a malicious message was clicked once and then deleted, this bot cannot find it. Perhaps we could increase the levels of analyzes in the future, ”he said.

“The Amnesty and Forbidden Stories project revealed that several governments around the world are using NSO’s Pegasus spyware, which is difficult to detect and takes full control of devices,” he said.

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