Zinmanga name change confuses fans as URL redirects to TopManhua

Manga Readers Confused After Zinmanga Redirected Them To TopManhua, So What Happened To The Fan-Favorite Website?

Over the past 12 hours, Zinmanga fans have been scrambling to find their beloved manga lists after the site sent them TopManhua, meaning their comic collections were gone.

Twitter has been flooded with readers desperate to find answers to no avail, since the Zinmanga official Account remained silent.

What happened to Zinmanga.com?

Zinmanga disappeared overnight; the popular manga site now redirects readers to TopManhua.

Even the Zinmanga URL immediately changes to topmanhua.com, which means it’s not just the web design that has changed.

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Sadly, there was no confirmation behind the move, leaving fans distraught and frustrated since losing their records.

Site redirection

A fan suggested that maybe Zinmanga URL registration has expired and was bought by Top Manhua.

Although it is possible that the latter owns Zinmanga, the redirect occurs if the website has been programmed to transfer traffic to a new domain. However, you don’t necessarily own the new URL; you can redirect to any site of your choice, including Google.

The good news is that the Zinmanga URL still exists, but you just can’t access their content, which means they can stop the redirect at any time and allow traffic back to their original page.

If Zinmanga’s address were completely removed, viewers would see a blank page stating, “This site is inaccessible.”

the redirect could be two of three types: 301 or 302.

301 refers to a permanent redirect if the owner has no intention of using the original URL again – in this case, Zinmanga.

The second, 302, is the term for temporary redirects if the website is undergoing major maintenance.

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Alternatives to Zinmanga

Since we don’t know if and when there will be a return, here are some alternatives:

  • 1erkissmanga
  • manhuasy
  • manga68
  • mangarockteam
  • mangabob

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