LBPD updates the “Resource” menu on the agency’s web page to improve location and access by visitors to the web page

LITITZ BOROUGH – The LBPD updated the “RESOURCES” drop-down menu on the agency’s website home page,, to make it easier for people to locate and access information. web page visitors. The information contained on the agency’s web page is of little value if it cannot be easily located and accessed.

We’ve updated the links to include local resources commonly used by community members facing a variety of situations, both criminal and non-criminal. Members of the public often inquire of the LBPD about the programs, services and contact details of these organizations. This is not an exhaustive list of available local resources, nor is it the only way the community can access this LBPD information. If a community member needs help obtaining contact information for a resource that is not listed, they can call the LBPD and we will help them get the information they are looking for.

Updated resources include Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse, Protection from Abuse (AFP), Domestic Violence Services, Crisis Intervention Team (CIT), Behavioral Health and Counseling Services. development, and more.

Media contact: [email protected]

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Whistleblower webpage launched by Davis to improve safety oversight of Capitol Hill

United States Representative Rodney Davis (R-IL), a leading member of the United States House Administration Committee, on October 4 launched a whistleblower web page for officers and security personnel responsible for protecting the United States Capitol.

“This committee has a responsibility to the men and women who protect the Capitol to oversee their leadership and part of that is to hear from officers and other staff when problems arise,” said Representative Davis. “I know that not all officers or employees on the base are comfortable speaking publicly about these issues, but it is important that we hear them and it provides them with a confidential means of doing so.”

Through the web form provided on the site, United States Capitol Police (USCP) and Sergeant-at-Arms (HSAA) security officers and personnel can communicate privately with the committee regarding their concerns, according to information provided by staff at Representative Davis, who launched the page with administrative support from the House Whistleblower’s Office as part of its ongoing efforts to make the USCP and HSAA more transparent and accountable.

“We have needed greater transparency and accountability within our security system for a long time and I hope this helps,” the congressman said. “This committee must fulfill its oversight role, which has been lacking for too long, and act to ensure accountability within the security directorate. “

In the previous Congress, the majority of the House administration committee conducted only one review hearing with the USCP, according to Representative Davis’ office, and did not follow the Advancement Act Capitol Police, HR 7513, which Representative Davis introduced in July 2020 to establish reporting duties for the USCP to improve transparency and accountability.

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Best webpage change monitoring software of 2021

The best webpage change monitoring software will alert you to changes made to a webpage, in a world where data on webpages can constantly change.

Best webpage change monitoring software

There are a number of reasons why monitoring web pages can be a great idea. For the general public, that means being able to monitor e-commerce sites for sales and bargains, subscribing to alerts that monitor prices.

For businesses, there are more reasons for monitoring web pages. For example, market research and competitor monitoring can allow you to adjust your pricing and sales targeting accordingly. This could involve not only monitoring prices, but also brand mentions as well as consumer reviews on social media sites.

An additional reason for monitoring web pages may be legal and compliance. This means being able to monitor websites that provide regulatory information in different jurisdictions, allowing you to quickly retrieve and activate them.

Another option could be general data collection, monitoring key news sites so that you can adjust the associated data feeds accordingly. You can also use web page monitoring to monitor unauthorized content changes made by employees, accidentally or intentionally, or even hacking attempts.

But, no matter what you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered – we’ve highlighted the best online monitoring services here. So read on to find the one that best suits your needs.

The best webpage change monitoring software at a glance:

  1. Wachete
  2. ChangeTurn
  3. Visualization
  5. Versionista


(Image credit: Wachete)

1. Wachete

Content monitoring for the modern era

Reasons to buy

+Offers a wide variety of features +Extremely affordable

Reasons to avoid

Free service is limited

One of our pet peeves with these types of monitoring solutions is that a lot of them seem like they were designed 10 years ago. What we love about Wachete is that it is able to integrate all the features of its competitors and implement them in one user-friendly package.

Wachete can be used for all kinds of purposes, from tracking the prices of competing stores to receiving notifications of job vacancies. And what really sets Wachete apart is that in addition to the daily or weekly email reports, it also offers mobile apps and browser extensions so you can dynamically keep tabs on everything while on the go. travel.

While this is certainly useful for professionals who can’t afford to be tied to a desk all day, it’s especially important for consumers who just want to buy a concert ticket before they sell out.

Watchete is free to monitor up to 5 static pages and check once every 24 hours, with paid plans offering various options depending on how many pages you want to monitor and how quickly to recheck them.


(Image credit: ChangeTower)

2. Change tour

A comprehensive content monitoring service

Reasons to buy

+Extremely feature rich +Affordable

Reasons to avoid

The free version is not very useful

If you run a retail business or are a consumer looking to support a retail business, it may be worth checking out ChangeTower. Now, while the free version will only check websites once every 12 hours – which isn’t much use in the fast-paced world we live in – once you start paying for the service, you will be able to keep up-to-date with any changes to the online content you watch.

This is especially useful for retail businesses, as it allows them to monitor competitors and adjust prices on the fly in order to stay competitive. In addition, ChangeTower will provide reports that show, in detail, all the changes that have been made. And, if you don’t need every change documented in your email, you can set custom alert criteria to make sure all the information that comes to you (and your IT team) is relevant.


(Image credit: Visualization)

3. Visualization

Another competent solution for monitoring web page changes

Reasons to buy

+Free level+Reasonable costs+Daily alerts

Reasons to avoid

Not for volume monitoring

Visualping is another competent website change monitoring platform, which like the others listed above provides both a free tier as well as various paid options for broader monitoring.

The free tier, however, is very limited and users are limited to watching just a few pages, although changes are monitored daily rather than monthly like some competing service providers.

As with other providers, however, the paid plans allow more pages to be monitored, with pricing based on the volume of pages to monitor each month.

Overall, while the page volume is quite small and probably not ideal for monitoring full ecommerce listings on competing websites, it does offer daily alerts, which means if you need to monitor a small number of pages at a relatively low price, then Visualping might be an option to look for. To.


(Image credit:


Powerful content monitoring for the advanced user

Reasons to buy

+Flexible pricing +Local monitoring

Reasons to avoid

Not the most user-friendly

Sometimes you just need raw power to get the job done – sometimes you need is one of the most flexible content monitoring services available today, as it allows users to do whatever they need to do, even run monitors locally.

Now, while the features that Disstill offers are not drastically different from the competition, the difference it does offer is quite significant. By allowing any user to use a browser extension to monitor web content for free, without imposing any limits, it can be the most affordable and smart way to keep a watchful eye on online content. In fact, if we had to recommend a service to a consumer who just wants to watch a few online retailers, we would recommend Disstill. offers a free service, but for more frequent checks and a larger volume, paid plans are available.


(Image credit: Versionista)

5. Versionist

Content monitoring for politicians and more

Reasons to buy

+Extremely customizable +Powerful

Reasons to avoid

Very expensive

These days, the political landscape is a bit crazy, and a ton of information is constantly flowing. Fortunately, one of the best content monitoring services is aimed directly at politicians. And it’s actually quite useful for anyone running a campaign – it allows the user to search for any information relevant to their campaign (s).

Versionista will then produce a color-coded report showing all the changes made to, for example, a political rival’s website – highlighting everything that has been removed and everything that has been added.

You can subscribe to a few different plans, and like many other providers, there is a free tier with limited monitoring that will probably serve better as a preview to get you used to the service and allows you to monitor a handful of pages per month.


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9 cents for each web page visited

Expenses in the invoice

He met with lawyer Francesco Kazani and MP Eugenio Fasco Former Accenture Consulting Engineer (Between February and June 2020, the Wind Technology Platform Company will replace the Pure Brothers under investigation). He also said he had been approached by Vetria executives (as of December 27, 2019, a Pure Brothers company has been responsible for outsourcing content manufacturers for wind turbines), he added. Picking up 9 coins at a time is locked at a cap of 1 euro per month so the user won’t notice In the bill, but the system will still grind large sums of money.


Monday one New preventive seizures, By order of Trial Judge Patricia Noble, updates what has come out in the past few months Seizure of 21 million euros in the air Percentages of services implemented fraudulently by content companies such as Pride Moby and Yum through the Pure Brothers Technology Center. Now Epilepsy links 204,000 euros to Accenture accounts (Where the technician Dominico Gallina worked), and on the accounts of 109,000 Vetria, which yesterday signed the broadband connection contract with OpenFiber, and the CEO of computer fraud Luca Tomasini is being investigated for hypotheses. , then CEO Alessandro Brilli and COO Simon Bolverini. And one more chapter opens here, because the work of investigators is already born Vetria conflictAt this point, he will cover all roles in the supply chain: air business center, content producer, content producer presenter for Tim, and department call center manager, Agam authority for communication as opposed to resolution 108 of 2019.

The decline of suspected customers

Of course, the data provided to Windreye Ac Com is shocking (following the lawyer’s office investigation) The rules have changed and users who want additional service should be asked to remove the predefined block: 8 million and 278 thousand wind turbine customers have received in light of the new regulatory law, the implementation of the ban. They expressed their wish not to activate the module on 390. Windrey’s new boss, who took over from a colleague interviewed in March 2020, adds to investigators: To date Functions in Accenture are drastically reducedOn average, it will go from 30 / 40,000 activations per day in April 2020 to 2,000 activations per day in June 2020, then reset to zero in July. The day before yesterday, we made 100.

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September 28, 2021 | 07:38

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Veronique tucker

“Beer practice. Pop culture maven. Problem solver. Proud social media geek. Coffee enthusiast. Trendy TV fan. Creator.”

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State Department Creates Public Webpage Dedicated to Data-Driven Diplomacy

The US State Department has launched a central online destination dedicated to demonstrating how the Department enables data-driven diplomacy. The landing page,, provides public access to the latest information on how the Department is empowering its global workforce with the data and analytical capabilities necessary to accomplish its diplomatic mission.

The Department’s first-ever Enterprise Data Strategy (BDS), a document that provides a strategic framework for how the Department will advance the use of data analytics over the next three years, is a key resource available on this new site. The Analysis Center of the Office of Management Strategy and Solution, which provides data management and analysis support to the ministry, led the one-year development of the DHS in collaboration with more than 20 offices and 25 external data managers.

These new resources support President Biden’s memorandum on Restoring Confidence in Government Through Scientific Integrity and Evidence-Based Policy Development, Executive Order on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and accessibility in the federal workforce, and several other federal laws and regulations.

Learn more at the State Department

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About the Department of State’s Creation of a Public Web Page Dedicated to Data-Driven Diplomacy

The US State Department has launched a central online destination dedicated to demonstrating how the Department enables data-driven diplomacy. The home page,, provides public access to the latest information on how the Department is empowering its global workforce with the data and analytics capabilities needed to accomplish its diplomatic mission.

The Department’s first-ever Enterprise Data Strategy (BDS), a document that provides a strategic framework for how the Department will advance the use of data analytics over the next three years, is a key resource available on this new site. The Analysis Center of the Office of Management Strategy and Solution, which provides data management and analysis support to the ministry, led the one-year development of the DHS in collaboration with more than 20 offices and 25 external data managers.

These new resources support President Biden’s memorandum on Restoring Confidence in Government Through Scientific Integrity and Evidence-Based Policy Development, Executive Order on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and accessibility in the federal workforce, and several other federal laws and regulations.

/ Public distribution. This material is from the original organization / authors and may be ad hoc in nature, edited for clarity, style and length. The views and opinions expressed are those of the author (s). See it in full here.

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DOD publishes webpage to help report civilian casualties> US Department of Defense> Defense Department News

The US military goes to extraordinary lengths to protect civilians on the battlefield, but sometimes casualties do occur.

The ministry has now created a website for people to report information on civilian casualties.

The web page lists the email and postal addresses of the Fighter Commands so that those with information on civilian casualties can contact the Commands.

The US military examines or investigates incidents involving civilian casualties. In doing so, the US military examines information reasonably available, including any information submitted.

Harming civilians is never the intended outcome of war, defense officials have repeatedly stressed. It goes against the ethics of the military and is inconsistent with US objectives. The United States military always seeks to mitigate the potential for civilian damage in the conduct of military operations.

“I know from experience that beyond the loss of one of our own in combat, a commander feels nothing more painful than the accidental loss of civilian life,” said Anthony Tata, who serves Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Policy. “We are therefore actively working to advance our ability to mitigate civilian damage and respond to it when it occurs. As part of these efforts, it is critical that we ensure that those involved are able to provide the commands with fighters from the US Department of Defense with information regarding incidents in which US military operations may have [resulted in the injury or death of] civilians. “

“Civilians often endure intense suffering during war,” said Stephanie Hammond, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Stability and Humanitarian Affairs. “It is a tragic and sobering fact that we take very seriously. That’s why the United States has continued to show leadership in using the latest technology to mitigate harm to civilians, and continues to advance our ability to prevent harm to civilians when possible and respond when it happens. . “

Civilian casualties are part of the conflict. In the past, guns were rough and not that precise. During WWII, if bombers got their weapons in the same grid square as the target, it was considered extremely effective.

Today, the United States has the guided munitions and intelligence apparatus to hit targets more precisely. This decreases the risk of civilian casualties. He does not eliminate it, however.

“It is important that we assess the results of US military operations, including the unintended effects on civilians,” Tata said. “It helps us understand the results of our operations, recognize when our operations result in civilian casualties, and learn from our experiences to reduce the likelihood of future civilian damage to our operations.” “

While members of the public may not always be aware of this webpage, may not have access to the internet, or may not be able to read its content in English, Hammond said it was not as one of the means available to the Defense Ministry to receive or collect information on civilian casualties, and the Ministry will consider whether additional options are needed.

“We often hear how difficult it is [for] those interested in knowing who to contact within the Defense Department to provide information on civilian casualties, ”Hammond said. “On this web page, we make this information readily available to the public by providing appropriate email and postal addresses that people can use to submit information to the appropriate combatant command. The United States has long been transparent about civilian casualties, and additional steps like this webpage are important as we reflect on what more we can do. “

No other country goes this far to avoid civilian casualties, defense officials said. Close allies operating with the United States in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria are taking note of American efforts in this area.

The web page is just the start. The Ministry of Defense is in the process of developing a comprehensive ministry-wide policy on mitigating and responding to damage to civilians. It will be the first of its kind, Hammond said.

The website is available at:

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Konami launches webpage to celebrate 35th anniversary

One of the game’s greatest achievements, the Konami Code, now has a dedicated website to celebrate its 35th anniversary with new products.

konami birthday site

One of the most recognizable cheat codes in the game just turned 35, and it now has its own website to celebrate that fact. Konami’s famous Konami Code is definitely worth celebrating for its cultural relevance, and it seems the company gets it.

The Konami Code officially celebrated its 35th anniversary on April 25 this year, but Konami decided that lip service to the code was not enough. Instead, they’ve spent time and effort putting together a website to describe their appreciation for Konami code and its pop culture.

RELATED: Konami Files New Trademarks For Castlevania And Metal Gear Rising

The website is used as a platform to showcase classic Konami games in the Arcade Archives series, champion unique music arrangements of some Konami classics, and sell new merchandise featuring the widely recognized code.

The website first gives a small snippet about the first appearance of the Konami code in the classic shoot-em-up series. Gradius. When the code was entered, it boosted the player’s ship to near maximum power, making the game much easier. From that point on, the code was featured in a number of Konami products, with one of the most famous appearances being in the notoriously difficult NES game. Contra. When entered correctly, the code would give players 30 lives to overcome the grueling gauntlet of enemies in the game.

Konami also offers music on the site. The tracks provided are quintessential Konami song remixes with a unique twist provided by various artists. For example, Japanese artist Tokyo Machine provides a stellar remix to the original Gradius theme. Another Japanese artist, DJ No.2, has a great playlist of 6 lofi mashup songs with games from Konami’s past that include twin bee and Yie Ar KUNG-FU. The music is complemented by performances by meiyo and Yamazaru.

A visit to the site also reveals some new features. Along with a link to other popular Konami products, there is also a limited edition Konami Code swag. This includes t-shirts, mugs, backpacks, hats, and even an office mat, all featuring the iconic code in all its glory. If gamers want to test the code for themselves, the site also offers visitors the option to check out some of Konami’s classics over the years, offering purchase links for games such as Gradius and Grade III, twin bee, and Lightning fighters.

It’s nice to see Konami recognize its past, but seeing this celebration of days gone by raises questions about the company’s future. Only time will tell when Konami starts making iconic games again.

MORE: Metal Gear Solid 6 Is The Forgotten Child Of Konami And Kojima Productions DivorceSource: Konami

inside splash art
Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima reveals his favorite games

Hideo Kojima takes a break from Death Stranding development to reveal his favorite games, including the best of the past 5 years.

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6 ways to translate any web page you visit

If you are browsing online, you may come across some websites that you need to translate. Here are six ways to translate the web pages you visit.


When browsing the Internet, there is a good chance that you will come across web pages in languages ​​other than English. To read the content of these websites, you will need to translate it into a language you understand.

Here are six methods to translate the language on any web page you visit, so that you can access the web without being held back by a language barrier.

1. Translate any web page with Google Translate

You’ve probably used Google Translate to interpret sentences in multiple languages. Google also allows you to translate entire web pages into any languages ​​you prefer.

Here’s how to translate web pages using Google Translate:

  1. Open Google Translate in your favorite web browser.

  2. In the Google Translate box, paste the URL of the website you want to translate.

    Google Translate

  3. Select the language in which you want to translate your web page by clicking on the button Down arrow in the center right of your screen.

  4. To view the site, go to the Translation section of Google Translate and click on the link.

You can also use Google Translate in any app on Android devices and iOS devices.

2. Translate easily with Microsoft Bing translator

The Bing translator works the same as Google Translate. If you prefer the Microsoft Bing search engine, you can use Bing’s Translator to translate any page online.

The steps to follow are:

  1. Open Bing Microsoft Translator in your web browser.

  2. To translate, copy the link and paste it into the text box.

  3. Then select your preferred language.

  4. To read online content in your preferred language, click the link.

Bing translator

3. Translate web pages in Google Chrome

If Google Chrome is your favorite, you don’t need to search for translation tools online because your web browser will handle it for you.

Here’s how to translate web pages using Google Chrome browser:

  1. Open any website in a regional language on your Chrome browser. A pop-up window with the Google Translate logo will appear on the far right of your address bar.

  2. To select Your language. Your default language will be preselected, but you can by clicking on Following to translate the web page to another language.

Google Chrome Translator

4. Install add-ons on Mozilla Firefox to translate

On your Mozilla Firefox browser, you will need to download add-ons to change the language of the web page.

Here’s how to find and use a translation add-on in Firefox:

  1. To research Translation add-ons on Firefox.

  2. Add any translation add-on to Firefox. With most add-ons, you can choose Translate web pages, that appears at the top of your window.

  3. Configure the add-on settings by adding your preferred languages.

  4. Now when you open a website in another language, you’ll see a translation icon at the right end of your address bar.

  5. Click the translate icon to read the website content in your own language.

Microsoft translation add-ons

5. Language translation on Microsoft Edge

If you are surfing the Internet with the default Windows web browser, Microsoft Edge, you can also automatically translate web pages to your preferred language on this browser.

Here’s how to translate on Edge browser:

  1. Open any website in a foreign language on your browser.

  2. A Bing translation logo will appear in your address bar.

    on-board translator

  3. Click on the Translate to interpret the web page in your language.

6. Translate web pages on Safari

Apple device owners can translate web pages with a built-in translation feature. Any Mac or iOS device running a version of Safari after version 2020 can take advantage of this feature.

To translate any web page on Safari:

  1. Click on the Translation in the upper left corner of the address bar on Safari.

  2. Of scrolling menu, you can choose to translate in English or in the language of your choice.

safari translator

Web translation is a great online help

Language translation tools are very useful when browsing the Internet, making websites accessible to everyone and browsing the Internet more convenient.

It should be noted that the translations performed by these tools are not always exact and may not always translate the text in its exact meaning. For the most part, you should be able to correct errors, but don’t just rely on translation tools.

7 Google Translate mobile features you need to know

Google Translate’s mobile app can do more than you think. Here is a guide to all the features of Translate on Android and iOS.

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Australians may soon attach a PDF or hyperlink to a payment

Image: Getty Images

Australian bank customers may soon be able to attach a PDF file or hyperlink to a payment, with the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) reporting that work is underway for such a feature.

“The Australian banking industry is developing a service that allows large payers, such as businesses or government entities, to send an electronic payment including a secure hyperlink to a PDF document,” he said.

“Providing this functionality is part of a growing global trend to improve the efficiency and reduce the costs of payment services by improving the quantity and quality of data that can be transferred with a payment. “

The remarks were made in a submission [PDF] the RBA presented to a Senate committee reviewing the adequacy and effectiveness of Australia’s anti-money laundering and terrorist financing (AML / CTF) regime.

He raised the payment functionality while discussing the possibility of whitelisting certain trusted payment entities.

“Some of these initiatives, such as the adoption of the ISO 20022 standard for payment message formats, provide structured remittance data that allows systems to more easily and quickly detect financial crime compliance,” said the RBA.

Explaining how the feature works, the RBA said that organizational payers who sign up for the “payment with document” service could potentially include a link to a document when sending a payment. A payee would see the payment in their online banking channel and could click that link, which RBA said would provide secure and authenticated access to the PDF document associated with that particular payment.

He said the documents would be held by accredited document hosting providers.

“For example, if an Australian government agency used this service, myGov could store the documents and an authenticated link would provide direct access to the document on myGov,” the RBA said.

According to the RBA, the document payment service would offer benefits to both payers and recipients.

“This would be particularly useful for a payer who sends a high volume of correspondence to recipients detailing information about their payments. There is often a time lag between receiving payment and receiving associated correspondence – this generates a high number of calls to customer call centers, which is costly and inefficient to manage, ”said the RBA.

“A ‘payment with document’ service would also be valuable for payees, who could quickly and easily access correspondence directly from their banking app or online banking service to understand what the payment was for.”

The Reserve Bank said that providing detailed information with the financial transaction through electronic banking channels makes this information available for review by financial institutions as part of their AML / CFT regulatory obligations.

But, they’ll need to be able to filter all payment-related documents in order to meet those obligations, and the RBA has said not all players like this solution.

One possible solution, he said, would be to maintain a whitelist of trusted paying entities that relieves financial institutions of the obligation to filter payment-related documents from those trusted entities.

“We understand that financial institutions would welcome such a whitelist, as the cost and effort involved in controlling all related payment documents would be difficult,” the RBA wrote.

This would mean that correspondence sent with a payment by trusted entities, such as an Australian government agency, would remain private to the recipient of the payment, and banks would be allowed to access the document only for the purpose of providing technical support services. to the account holder and only with the agreement of the account holder.

A formal governance framework would need to be developed for this to happen, and the RBA proposed Austrac could be the authority on the program.

The Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs launched an investigation in June which aims, among other things, to determine the effectiveness of the Anti-Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism Act 2006 to prevent money laundering outside the banking sector, Australia’s attractiveness as a destination for the proceeds of foreign crime and corruption, and Austrac’s role in monitoring this activity.


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